New Year and Birthday plans…

Well, then, after my first rather long and serious post, here is a comparatively short and silly one! I think that post came out of me at a time when I really just wanted to spew out all that was going on inside me and to write something about last year and I did, and I am very proud of it! Thanks to all who read, replied and commented! I really appreciated your views and hopefully we will be able to be connected through this blog.Well, it’s the third of January today, and I am feeling happy as it has been quite a good day for me. The New Year did not start so well as I had quite a boring 1st Jan, but things are looking quite good right now! (Touchwood!)On the last day of last year, I left college feeling a little down by the general atmosphere that 31st December casts. By the way, this day also happens to be Voldemort’s birthday, so you know how I must be feeling! But then I came home and it suddenly struck me, Hey, this has been the best year of my life! Why waste the last day of it crying and cribbing that it will be over very soon? So then I just decided that I was going to make this the best possible last day and have some fun! I wanted to get a DVD of this amazing film called ‘Jab We Met’, one of the best Bollywood romantic comedies, and the best film I have seen this year. So I caught hold of a friend and we were roaming all around town to see if it was available. It took us about half an hour to find it, then we went to a nice restaurant to have lunch, we had an amazing conversation with our lunch and then came back, watched JWM and talked some more. So all-in-all, a good ending to an amazing year. Though unfortunately, I slept at like 11:30 that night feeling like such a loser… I couldn’t even stay awake for a mere half-hour more…so the New Year came with a bang with all the people in my home fast asleep.The first day of 2008 was pretty boring, I spent half of it in college attending some competitions and such, then a friend came over in the evening and after that we were generally goofing around and calling up people and irritating the hell out of them, so that was pretty much fun.Well, then as some of you know, its my birthday in 9 more days (12th of Jan) and Me the Great wants to have the best birthday party of my life…so I plan this amazing picnic-party with my closest friends at a farm nearby…only to realise that none of my best-est friends can make it there. Then what was the point of the whole thing, thought I , when the three people that I REALLY wanted to come for this party can’t do so on the same day. So then I end up planning three birthday parties instead of one, but I am quite satisfied with this arrangement. One friend from Mumbai still can’t make it and I am going to miss her a lot, but then kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hain so I have stopped being depressed about it. Though actually that’s a wrong idiom there as I have no idea what exactly is it that I am going to gain from Tanvi not coming… So now I have to choose three different outfits to wear for the 3 parties, co-ordinate times and places to meet, etc, so am left feeling like an event-management person. Anyway, I hope everyone can make it to their respective parties and I have a good week of partying. So that’s all for now…everyone please remember about my birthday and don’t forget to wish me!

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