lists ~

Many crazy ideas and funny pieces of literature (if they can be called that) came out of a friendship I shared with two people, the three of us forming a very atypical trio. The three of us being net-addicts, Harry Potter crazy and a maybe little socially neglected people…we used to do these random things. Once we made these lists- we had to name 5 things/ people/ situations that fitted the best into a specific category. Like, we made these lists about 5 of our best buddies, 5 people who frustrated us the most, 5 things we were totally fed up of, etc. we had a lot of fun thinking of them and sharing them, and now I would like to share them with  you, as a way of understanding me better…
Maybe later I can make a separate page out of them, but right now they’re good here…
By the way I’m only going to list out the good stuff here, for starters, as I don’t want any feelings to be hurt as I’m stating my thoughts rather openly here. So here we go-

Sakhi’s 5 most favourite people in the world-

  • Ron Weasley…for breaking that damn locket! And for finally understanding SPEW!
  • Hermione Granger…for being the toughest gal I’ve seen, and for choosing friendship over love
  • JK Rowling…for bringing magic into my life
  • Tanvi Deshpande…for not letting me live a day w/o contacting her
  • Kanku Jain…for being as sweet and lovely as only she can be 

Sakhi’s 5 best and oldest buddies-

  • Amruta Karlekar…for sticking with me through everything, even though reluctantly!!
  • Tanvi Deshpande…for showing me that true friends really are for keeps
  • Jayati Doshi…for understanding me, empathising with me, and being so like me
  • Chaitanya Atre…for allowing me to make his life living hell and yet being so sweet about it
  • Pranita Auti…for all the fun and frights we’ve had together  

Sakhi’s 5 greatest people in the world (NOT in order of greatness)-

  • Nitin Paranjape…for being my dad
  • JK Rowling…for birthing Harry Potter
  • Anita Borkar…for being a pretty cool mom
  • Albus Dumbledore…for being a truly amazing person, and for teaching Harry and us a lot of things, and for, after all that, being human
  • Sakhi Nitin-Anita…for being me J 

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