I know its really long time since I posted my last post…well, lets just say I’ve been having a few days of total birthday excitement and celebration and then a few days of birthday blues which seem to descend on you like foggy twilight just when you’re in need of a light. Sigh. Anyways… I’m SIXTEEN now!!! So a big huge YIPPIE for that!
My birthday went great, as all birthdays do, this was probably one of my better ones! It actually involved 3 days of celebration, even though only one party happened in the end. But I managed to spend an entire day in Mumbai with one of my best friends, and then even though only 4 people (including me) remained for my birthday party, it was fun! In the evening my parents had organised a little event for me where they gave me a little booklet they made especially for me, which had 16 gifts they were going to give me throughout the  year to make my life more healthy and happy! So I got stuff like an alarm-clock to get up early, a yoga-book, a healthy cookbook, etc. I mean, that was really nice and sweet of my parents and I was a little touchy and emotional after that, though I managed not to dissolve in tears.
The next day too, I was lolling about, photographing my presents, reading and replying to all the lovely mails that I received from all over the world (thank you all those who sent me their wishes!!) and generally still basking in that after-birthday-celebration glow.
Though after that I must admit that life has been a little too mundane and boring, as all the guests have left, all the gifts have been looked at and admired more than a hundred times, all the letters have been read and reread and the wrapping paper that was still ok has been neatly folded up and stored into my mom’s huge store of used wrapping papers… so now yours truly has been left with a little niggling question about how life must go on ahead… what she shall look forward to (or dread) in the coming days. Seems like there’s nothing. Exams are over and finals will only begin at the end of March. Finished reading 2 BIG books of chick literature (so much that I’ve gotten a heavy head now) and watched Jab We Met AGAIN! I did yoga this morning, followed the book and performed all the asanas given, which did me some good I think. From tomorrow me and mom are joining Table-Tennis classes and I am thinking of going for web-designing again.
So life’s sort of looking good now… though I can’t help noticing that in the coming few days neither my mom or my dad are going to be in town to go with me for the first few lessons of T.T., so no idea how that’s going to go. Plus also more than a little nervous of going back to web-designing as I left sort of unceremoniously so going back will be kind of weird.
The last thing… am missing all my friends terribly. I guess using my birthday as an excuse I was able to call everyone and irritate them almost on a daily basis and now to think I can’t even do that… most of them have exams/submissions/other stuff so are currently in a Do Not Disturb phase… well, so have already started planning activities for the summer…Till then, I prance about in my rosy-pink-being-sixteen-doing-yoga glow that I have acquired, reflecting, speculating and being oh-so-yours-truly!

One thought on “post-Birthday

  1. hey sakhi…im rly sry for nt calling u up on ur birthday(i guess ive got the terrible habit of not remembring anyones’s bdays frm my mum)so heres wishing u a very belated bday….ur blog is simply fantastic!its a gr8 idea…keep up the gud work!


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