happy summer days are here again!

I wrote about being sixteen in my last post, but I have to admit, it is rather like being in a rather large, complex and colourful kaleidoscope. Every way you move it, your perspective changes and you see a new world, with its new dimensions, yet which is formed by the same simple pieces of everyday life.

I commented a few days ago about discovering a new secret of happiness on my Facebook status. Immediately I got many many posts on my Wall asking me to share this secret. When I did, it turned out most people knew about it, so I guess it wasn’t so new after all. But for all you curious folk who must be wondering what exactly this secret might be, it is called the ‘Law of Attraction’… its very simple, yet, as I learned some time ago, some of life’s simplest things are the ones that turn out to be the most difficult.

So about this wonderful law… as you must be read a LOT of stuff about my negativity in the last few posts, I just want to say, maybe, at last, I’ve found a way to combat it. I’ve been trying to make use of this same law in the last few months, but sometimes you just need that extra counselling, someone else telling you what knew yourself, but a different perception on it helps you achieve it, or rather believe it can be possible.

The law is simple. If you think of good things, and believe that whatever happens will do so for your own good, positive energies will be attracted to you and you’ll ACTUALLY make your reality better! Just imagine yourself in a good, positive situation, and more often than not, that situation will actually come true, perhaps it’ll be even better.

Ok, I guess I’ll stop theorising. Well, this is what happened. I had my results in college and I was a tad nervous, not because I was afraid I’ll flunk or anything, but just because I had this spat with my P.T. professor a few days before and he was threatening to not hand me my results, so I, Ms. Worry-To-Death was obviously worried. The other thing was that I was supposed to meet this friend of mine in college with whom I always end up mis-communicating and we never meet at the given time or destination… and I was afraid this was going to happen again. So here I was in the rickshaw, biting my nails and wondering if everything was going to be a fiasco. But then I remembered this Law, a friend of mine telling me about it a few days ago and I just told myself, Sakhi, look… everything is going to happen the way to think it will… if you think it’s going to go bad, it will. If you hope it goes well, it surely will. So why not think about it going well rather than wasting your bloody energy chewing nails and wasting them nails in the process too? So I basically stopped myself from worrying. And guess what? My friend and I met with the most amazing timing! She stepped out of the rickshaw the same time as me… our names were displayed on a board at the college entrance as we were in the first five… things went well, I got some pleasant shocks… my P.T. grade was A.

From that day on, I’ve started believing very firmly in this lovely Law. As a result, I guess I’m worrying about stuff in life rather less than usual and am not constantly (hopefully) cribbing about the woes of being. Which is rather great!

I don’t know what else to say. Perhaps my writing gets rather boring when I’m happy. It is only really good when I’m feeling particularly nasty or melancholy. I guess its true then, that poets have come up with the world’s best poetry when they are feeling a spurge of negative emotions rather than positive ones. Which makes me say, LOL!

Ciao, will write more soon!

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