likes and dislikes

So… it is that time in the afternoon when one’s brain is bogged down by vapours of lethargy yet one is not able to sleep and the world seems to move by slowly and the brain’s fuzzed and one basically doesn’t feel like doing anything in the world. Which is exactly how I feel now.

Its not like there’s nothing to do, mind you. There’s plenty. I have to write FOUR articles for the Times (where I currently write about random alternative goings-on), I have to STUDY as exams are round the bend; but currently I’m not interested in doing these utterly boring things as I’ve done my bit of responsible-adult-duties today and now am sick of doing anything else. I’m apprenticing to be a Responsible and Capable Adult currently, and mind you, it’s tough work. It includes staying alone (with grandma for company) and thus doing all the household duties by yourself, including, well… I won’t write out the long list my dad made out for me before going. But yeah, it includes stuff like running errands, managing ‘finances’, helping make lunch, taking care of granny, washing up dishes after meals, watering plants, feeding Hello (a little mutt who’s taken refuge outside my door), getting the washing-machine going, hanging clothes out to dry, keeping the home clean, throwing the garbage out, the likes…

So after yours truly has finished doing all the post-lunch tasks, it is time to take a break and as M. Hercule Poirot says, get your fingers and grey cells together and think. So, what I am going to do now is think up of more lists regarding my life. It makes everything so organised!

Thinks I like…

My room, reading a book, eating papads, talking on the phone, being in the rain, laughing, sulking, watching people eat, cooking, the smell of onions and spices as they’re fried in oil, playing my guitar, hearing folk music, receiving sealed letters, drinking coconut water, the smell of new notebooks, ink, inky hands, my own handwriting, the Internet, Harry Potter- the books, Ron and Hermione, red roses, valleys after rain, the smell of wet earth, wind on my face, a cosy gathering, secrets, candlelight, thunderstorms, giggles, languid afternoons, tarot, sarcasm, a warm bed, the smell of my hair after a shampoo, a bathroom full of hot steam, bookmarks, black-n-white photos, cell phones, spider-webs, my little doggie, friends, movies, hot melted chocolate, being the centre of attention, praise (who doesn’t?), honest people, dreams, small birds, boats, sea-faces, coming home, the colour pink, the joy of being safe, tea and frites on a rainy day, hills, oceans, a secret smile, lots of yellow light, the smell of… greenery!, realising something suddenly, the satisfaction of completing something, dusty bookshelves, BOOKS!, frayed yellowing pages, eating a hot meal, the rustle of dry leaves under my feet, the sound of water, babies, bells, sunsets, starry nights, romance, thinking, wide vistas, the smell of fresh new air, intense talks, Freudian slips, psycho-analysis, making things with my hands, creativity, dictionaries, scrabble, crumpled-up paper, looking up stuff, Wikipedia, google, little homeopathic pills, the feeling of happiness, nostalgia, a twisting in the stomach, napping, peace, walks, cycle-rides with my brother, scooter-rides when it is drizzling, ah… roses!, pink dreams, pink nail-paint, earrings, necklaces, high-heeled shoes, that warm feeling you get in your heart, talking all night long with a friend, heart-warming movies, romantic comedies, being awake the entire night, the moon, solitude, flirting, chatting, being online with lots of people, eating out, intense discussions, lazing around, being with oneself…

Things I don’t like…

Smelly toilets, dirty trains, dirty buses, dirt of any kind, dustbins, glossy fashion magazines, spicy and oily food, stickiness, oiliness, glue, fungus, mice, rats, insects of any kind, things that fly, traffic jams, crowds, heat, death metal music, drums, snobbery, showing-off, high-handedness, hanging up on me, ignoring me, insulting me, teasing me, short skirts, dumb blondes, fashion clones, ‘attitude’, the television, electricity, sparks, darkness, leeches, musty smells, aches and pains, manipulation, cloudy mornings, silent rooms, empty classrooms, chalk, rotten food, public bathrooms, worries, illnesses, cancer, too much sun, swimming-pools, busy roads, lecherous men, hooting, whistling, passing comments, eve-teasing, drunkards, fools, people who think they’re too smart, not having time, wooden conversations, ‘busy’ness, busybodies, misery with money, big brands, too much money, sad people, happy people even, confusion, insult, cleaning, sweeping, small houses, too much white light, French manicure, bugs, calculations, algebra, physics, cutting up insects, frogs, coming second, being wronged, big teeth, braces, big glasses, artificiality in anything, filmy dialogues, PJs, bad humour, vile humour, horrible guys, artificially accented English, bad grammar, bad spelling, bad pronunciation, boys!, baldness, long noses, thin lips, straight hair, arrogance, fights, negativity, insults, violence, moodiness, winners, advertisement hoardings, institutionalization, commercial stuff, expensive things, slowness, being fussy, people who smoke, prosaic things, self-help books, fake smiles, monotones, dull orange colour, dullness of any kind, slush, mud, wet socks, wet shoes, dirty fingernails, lank hair, things that don’t go right for me, bare landscapes, polythene bags thrown on the ground, too much noise, loud music, loud voices, stale water, too much perfume, gold, hard water, reckless driving, falsehoods, and sometimes… the truth.

One thought on “likes and dislikes

  1. hey, i had put something similar on my blog last year…. but just the stuff i like… posted just have of them…. actually i havent blogged for a long time now… this blog n ur dad’s has inspired me to write again….
    i’m going to be a frequent visitor here now!


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