some soul-spills…

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart. ~ Helen Keller

At one level, this quote can be contradicted. Many a poet might say that there are scenes of visual beauty in this world that are incomparable. Vast meadows of green, valleys shrouded in thin mists, a crimson sun entering the blue realms of an ocean, a solitary flower blooming by a muddy river-bank … such vistas remain etched in our memories long after other things are forgotten. Perhaps more important than sight is touch. The cool feel of water, the warmth of someone else’s hand on our own, creamy ice-cream melting in the mouth… aren’t these things beautiful and worth cherishing? Then why doesn’t Helen Keller advocate them to be the world’s best things?

Perhaps it is a matter of changing perspective. Our world is not just made up of finite and tangible things like landscapes and objects; it is also made up of emotions and feelings, these add beauty to the world, or destroy it. When we remember a child’s hug, we remember the joy, the lightness we felt at that moment of touch. While thinking about rain falling on lush green landscapes, we remember the exhilaration felt with the wind and rain blowing on our faces, the thrill of being alive, and the gratefulness towards nature for creating such wonder, and being such an inane part of us. These little bursts of joy and bliss make the moments worthwhile. They are the ones that truly touch our hearts.

Life, again, is not just about memories. It is about these abstract powers that carry you through it; love, for example. Love cannot be seen, nor touched. It isn’t tangible, but it is there. It is what makes the world go round, as a poet once remarked. It needs expression, it needs giving and taking, sharing, and sometimes even fighting for it. Through this, it makes its beauty felt. Freedom, hope, peace, happiness, relationships… these are parts of our lives that do not make their presence felt in concrete things, indeed, if such is the case, then surely they must be fake. Money cannot define happiness. The amount of weapons one possesses does not mean peace. These are concepts which can be understood and defined only by our hearts. Also, they are the parts of our universe that are ever-lasting; they do not cease to exist by death. They may be obstructed by their negative forces, like hatred, violence, fear, but they are omnipotent. Ultimately, they are the most beautiful things in life.

Perhaps this is what Ms. Keller was trying to enlighten. Indeed, it is a subjective question, and all of us might perceive it many different ways. It is ours to believe.

was actually trying to get nt to print this, but didnt get any response. i think it is too full of philosophical randomness… anyways, so decided to put it up here.

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