Two sisters

This is a story from long ago
When the Earth was very new.
It is about the Sun and Moon
Known only to a few.

The Sun was a dutiful daughter
Did her work fair and square
The Moon was her conceited sister
Her head filled with hot air.

The Sun would rise up daily
At the precise hour
Do her bit to warm the Earth
Light up the very last flower.

The Moon never did anything
Being really very vain,
Dancing through the night in full glory
Never did she wax, or wane.

Then one day she did it.
“They love me more than you”
She taunted the good Sun
“The wolves howl, lovers swoon, even the tides, they move for me. Not you!”

“No one dares look at you
You are SO ugly.” She jeered.
The Sun, poor thing, was so distressed
That off her course she veered.

The moon laughed, and shone
Even more brightly that night.
That people on the Earth
Remarked at the brilliant sight.

But alas! The next day dawned
Grey and gloomy as can be
For the Sun was nowhere to be seen!
She couldn’t face the Earth in her agony.

Several days passed with no sign of her
Until Earth-folks approached the Sky
Only he, being their father, could do something.
But he only gave a sigh.

“Oh, she’s gone and hid herself behind a cloud, as usual.
Her sister’s really mean.
But the girl should show more nerve
She’s the mighty Sun! Yet underneath, still green.”

So he called them both around and said
“You are BOTH loved, and need
To understand that! Sun, without you
This world is a sad place indeed.”

“No light means no flowers.
And that means no food! No life!
The Earth will be a dark, dark planet.
Full of sorrow and strife.”

“And you, my dear Moon!
Vanity leaves behind its mark.
You are punished! Every month you’ll fade a little,
Until one night, you’ll be completely dark.”

“You can’t do that!” cried the Moon
“Indeed I can, for you must learn a lesson
Even beauty turns into a beast
If it gets out of proportion.”

“You must grow and fade
It won’t lessen your shine.
On the contrary, being seen so rarely
Will make you more divine.”

So that is why, my dear folks
The Moon waxes and wanes,
And all the Earthly mortals will agree
That her beauty thus remains.


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