What exactly is a Pensieve?

Many (of the category who haven’t or don’t want to read Harry Potter) would wonder why I added an extra ‘e’ while talking about my feelings of pensiveness.  But let me clarify that neither am I of those ‘despondent damsel’ varieties (most of the times!) and nor is my English spelling dysfunctional. The ‘Pensieve’ is a magical vessel in Harry Potter, a basin of sorts, that is used for the magical purpose of storing and reviewing one’s memories whenever one feels the need or desire to do so. It offers a completely neutral, unbiased and bird’s eye-view of the memory one wants to take another look at. An extremely useful and smart little device, I think it to be.

However, my Pensieve isn’t exactly that. First of all, it does not possess magical qualities that I’m aware of or have previously experienced. Nor does it offer a neutral perspective; my Pensieve is, in fact, a storehouse for my ever-changing opinions about all the various aspects of life and such- some rants, some reflections, some observations and mostly my memories of being a teenager with an extremely out-of-the-cookie-cutter-mold life and yet trying to find my place in this world.

I write this so that I, as well as you who are reading this, get a space to perceive the person I am (or was) and SOME DAY, when I’m old and grey and sick and tired and have nothing else to do in life, I shall read this and laugh. And enjoy life for a while.

Till then, keep reading!


5 thoughts on “What exactly is a Pensieve?

  1. Dear Sakhi, lots of blessings to your with your first blog post! I’ll be a reader of your blog, for one can learn a lot from you, and this should be a very good tool for your to free up your mind from current thoughts and ideas, so that new thoughts and ideas arrive 🙂 There should always be vacuum in life/mind for new things to appear… Cheers and a big hug on the first day of 2008!
    p.s. And I like this snow on you blog 🙂


  2. Hi
    It is a nice one as of now.
    Keep it up!!!
    I would like to suggest that you organise it better.
    Arrange it so that people dont have to scroll too much
    Rest is great
    My well wishes will be with you!!!


  3. Hey!!
    very good website!
    I especially liked your “writings”
    can you put some images,pictures??
    it will make youe site attractive
    and arrange it a little bit so that
    people do not have to scroll down much.
    rest is great!!!


  4. OH MY GOD!!!! I did it!!! I finally got to the end!!!
    Hey Sakhi!
    It’s a great blog! INSPIRED!!(And that’s not often!) Only it’s such a LONG blog… Couldn’t you do something about it? And get a few pictures!! But the rest is really awsome. You go, Girl!!!


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